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Freelance -Writer

Monday, March 17, 2014

Difference between Advertising & Public Relations



  1. The company pays for ad space.
  2. You know exactly when that ad will air or be published.
  3. Since you're paying for the space, you have creative control on what goes into that ad.
  4. Since you pay for the space, you can run your ads over and over for as long as your budget allows. An ad generally has a longer shelf life than one press release.
  5. Consumers know when they're reading an advertisement they're trying to be sold a product or service.
  6. In advertising, you get to exercise your creativity in creating new ad campaigns and materials.

Public Relations:

  1. Your job is to get free publicity for the company.
  2. From news conferences to press releases, you're focused on getting free media exposure for the company and its products/services. 
  3. You have no control over how the media presents your information, if they decide to use your info at all. They're not obligated to cover your event or publish your press release just because you sent something to them.
  4. You only submit a press release about a new product once. You only submit a press release about a news conference once. The PR exposure you receive is only circulated once. An editor won't publish your same press release three or four times in their magazine.
  5. When someone reads a third-party article written about your product or views coverage of your event on TV, they're seeing something you didn't pay for with ad dollars and view it differently than they do paid advertising.
  6. In public relations, you have to have a nose for news and be able to generate buzz through that news. You exercise your creativity, to an extent, in the way you search for new news to release to the media.
These two industries that are very different even though they're commonly confused as being one and the same.

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