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Freelance -Writer

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Mumbai Life –The heart of India,
Life starts early in the Morning,

Running and scrambling with daily routine,
People here are fully enthusiastic, be it a businessman or a simple house wife,

There’s not a minute to spare, everyone is busy to go here and there,
The city never sleeps - 24 X 7, People flock here and there from every platform to every station,
What it lacks in Space, It makes up in Spirit,

Rains may flood and block all ways of commuting, but the city rocks,
The trains are always packed; the roads are forever jammed,

The lifeline is a rake on track,

So many people with different cultures and traditions,Be it any caste or any festival, everyone together unites and celebrates, whatever be their lingual affiliation.

The city is filled with good and bad people, some places maybe dirty and stinky, some places maybe clean, but still people love and admire their city Mumbai … Amchi Mumbai …

The spirit of Mumbai is wonderful, where people unite together and support each other when terror strikes.

Neha Piyush Kumar Zadu

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